About Us


Fitness Arabia is your ultimate reference for training and workout. It is first online platform in the middle east of its kind dedicated to Fitness and health.

Our goal is helping you become your best self, by providing you with the guide and tools to help you reach your fitness goals

We are your personal trainer, your workout partner, your supplement expert, your nutritionist, and your support group.


Yahya Ak
(The Founder)

 Yahya AK is an Arab Fitness Professional from Jordan and is one of the most influential fitness stars in the     Middle East. He has reached a total of 1.5 million followers across his official social media accounts.

 In 2010, Yahya got into fitness and bodybuilding as a personal passion where he learned everything he         needed to get his own body in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. In 2015, he took his passion to the next           level and began a professional career in the field where he started creating online videos, focusing on fitness     tips, healthy dieting and demos of training exercises, which he shared through his YouTube channel and     Facebook page, quickly reaching millions of views.

 Though Yahya is at the top of his field in fitness, he also holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Power       Engineering and MBA Degree in Engineering Management from the university of Bedfordshire in London.

 As an ACE certified personal trainer, Yahya has worked with many celebrities, public figures, and people from         all across the world, helping them to reach their full potential in developing their bodies through his focused   approach and personally designed plans for his clients, who achieved great and long-lasting results.

 His ultimate goal is to serve, motivate and inspire others to achieve the best results by following a healthy   lifestyle, while also sharing his experience, advice and tips through his own fitness journey.

 In 2018, Yahya created Fitness-Arabia.com as a full spectrum website and application for fitness and training.   Which he aims to be the largest fitness platform in the middle east. It will also include his own sports & lifestyle   clothing line soon.

In 2018, Yahya Took his passion again to another level and began competing in the men’s physique division, in his first attempt he succeeded to won the 1’st place and the golden medal in Abu Dhabi International Fitness Exposition and the 3’ed place in the Arnold Classic Africa.